Victor Garber Eloped

Awww so cute! Victor Garber and his partner of 16 years eloped over the weekend! It was posted on Rainer Andreesen’s Instagram account.

Congradulations to both of them!!!!!


First Division 1 Coach To Come Out, Chris Burns


Chris Burns is assistant coach for the Bryant University Bulldogs, and he just came out to his team as gay.  This makes him the first coach of a Division 1 team that has come out.

Slowly I became more comfortable with myself, and Anthony did as well. I felt both pressure and fear rise in me. All of those early years, just beginning to explore my sexuality, were filled with a bit of denial. As comfort rose, I realized someday I would have to embrace and accept that this is who I am, and that I will need to be honest with people about it.

Congrats to Chris for taking this courageous step!

Chris Burns wrote an article at Outsports, you should check it out.

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