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Top 5 Smart Phones of 2015

Are you looking for new phone this Holiday Season? Technobuffalo has released their list of top 5 smart phones for 2015. I actually pretty much agree with this list, specially the fact that my phone (the Nexus 6P) got the number one spot.

What do you guys think? Is your current phone on the list? Are you going to upgrade to one of these as a Christmas present to yourself?


2016 Omega Tau Sigma Men of the Vet School Calendar

Are you ready for some Vet School beefcake? Sure you are! Every year this calendar is made and it benefits a fund that helps pet owners that can’t afford the care their pets need. It is a good cause, and it’s come good beefcake. You can get the calendar here. Also they even have an Instagram account, check that out.


Bullied for being hairy?

First of all, do any of you follow Michael Rizzi on YouTube? If not, you should cause he is adorable, and his content is pretty darn fun. In his latest video he talks about how when he was younger he was bullied for being hairy.

Alas if is very understandable as kids always like to bully those that are different. However I LOVE me a hairy man, it is just the hottest thing ever. I applaud Michael for coming to terms with his furryness and embracing it. Keep up the good work and giving us fun content to watch!

How about you guys? Do you like hairy men? Was it something you acquired as your grew up, did you always find it hot? I can remember thinking hairy men were hot well before I was even gay!



Morning everyone! We are here at Gaymerx 3, anyone else attending? I admit I’m not much of a gamer but going to conventions that represent us is always fun and you get to meet cool people. Let us know what your Gaymerx plans are!

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